Ask the right questions



Every business is looking at how it can improve the results it gets from its resources. The sales function is not immune from scrutiny and managers are weighing up the changes they can make to accelerate the output of their teams. Taking the right steps starts with asking the right questions. So, here are six that our experts use to help companies make big advances in performance.

1. "I don’t know if my sales people are in the right place at the right time, selling the right products."

You can manage your sales team with minimal effort because i-snapshot provides comprehensive visibility of your sales teams activity, performance.

You will see, for example:

  • Whether the right products are being discussed
  • The right campaigns are being promoted
  • The right number of sales visits are being made
  • The required number of deals are being closed
Even though we say it ourselves, our data collection, security and quality is so good it will stop you in your tracks!

2. "How do I enable my field sales team to make more phone and zoom prospecting calls?"

Glasgow Caledonian University has independently verified the i-snapshot model and its ability to increase sales activity significantly. You may think that’s a bold claim; however, the i-snapshot system already holds nearly 17 million sales visit records.

It means that we have an unparalleled insight into the sales activity of many types of organisations just like yours and we know that, without exception, there is a lift in sales activity when the i-snapshot app is introduced. The recent study showed that a doubling of activity occurs. Still, even if the lift in activity is only 20% - that’s the equivalent of an extra sales person in a team of five or an additional one day per week - and our clients report that this has a direct impact on sales revenue growth.

3. "How do I keep my management team up-to-date on sales performance in real-time?"

Many organisations fail to recognise the real power and value of seeing their sales performance daily. To steer a sales team to achieve targets, a sales director needs timely, complete and relevant information. i-snapshot delivers concise and powerful insights into how your sales team is performing, in real-time every day. You can view the i-snapshot dashboards online on your tablet, laptop or smartphone, and you will be able to make fast decisions based on fact rather than guesswork. With improved insight into sales patterns and pipeline performance, you can respond to the day-to-day changes that impact on sales and drive your revenue goals. With sales performance monitoring that’s this good, you will always know where your heading and you will be able to tweak sales activity tomorrow, not next month!

4. "What are the digital alternatives to traditional paper-based systems that provide richer data?"

i-snapshot takes the unmanageable volume of information coming in from your sales team (whether they are at home or in the field) and makes it manageable and precise. It removes the complexity of sales reporting and provides, in real-time, a clear view of sales activity every day, meaning you are ready to act and react quickly to trends. A quick look at your i-snapshot dashboard is enough to tell you if you are on target. i-snapshot is powerful because it’s not overly complicated. It is a clean, intuitive and well-designed app where you can view key sales activities, see the status of activity immediately and spot trends in performance drivers and all without wading through a pile of reports and not a spreadsheet in sight.

5. "How do I empower my sales team to spend more time selling and less on admin?"

The details of a sales visit are typically captured in less than three minutes on the i-snapshot app- that’s just 10-15 minutes of sales reporting per day instead of 5 hours per week The days of sales people waiting to get home to write their sales reports are over. No matter where they are, i-snapshot is along for the ride. They can access i-snapshot using the dedicated, native apps for iOS, Android and Windows phones and 99% UK coverage, if they can send a text, then they can submit a sales visit report. Sales people like i-snapshot because it makes their lives easier. When i-snapshot handles their sales reporting, they can concentrate on selling because there is no more tiresome paperwork to complete on a daily or weekly basis.

6. "How do I outperform my competitors."

Your competitors have a growing appetite for data and data-driven decisions. Those who harness these correctly stay ahead of the game. Whilst the economic outlook remains very volatile and uncertain, winning enterprises are focusing on Sales. Growth opportunities persist for companies that proactively seek them out. You can use i-snapshots sales performance app to understand quickly where new sales opportunities lie and what calling activity works (as opposed to what does not) because you can be sure this is precisely what your competitors are doing